Why Did The Watergate Scandal

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The day was June 17th, 1972. To most it was an ordinary day. U.S citizens across the country were going to work, school, etc. No one thought the day was ever going to be significant. Until they heard about the burglary. It occured at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) building located in the Watergate complex in Washington, D.C. The burglars did not steal something small like computers but instead they stole numerous documents consisted of DNC classified information about the Committees plans for electing our next president. The burglars also wiretapped the phones so they could hear in on every conversation that occured. These burglars were not terrorists trying to get information on the U.S but they were from their own country and citizens soon found the culprits were working for President Richard Nixon's reelection campaign. But why did they do it? How did it involve Richard Nixon? What was his motive? Were the burglars ever caught? And has it ever been done again since? The Watergate Scandal affected the mental and emotional state of Richard Nixon which lead to the country having several trust issues with future…show more content…
Richard M. Nixon is the most well known culprit of the Watergate scandal. He was from the Republican political party. states, Richard Nixon was a former aviation ground officer who grew up in a quaker home.[E: Relevant Facts] Nixon was a congressman, senator, and vice president. He ran for president once before and lost to the late John F. Kennedy. Nixon was president for four years before Watergate occurred. The scandal did not happen until his second term in office. Before Watergate, Nixon received conflict for his decision to stay in Vietnam.[E: Relevant Facts] Many citizens believed it was not our business being there but Nixon still deemed it our duty to stay. Nixon never saw conflict in the service, which is highly ironic because he caused so much in the
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