How Did Richard Parker Survive In Life Of Pi

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Pi’s survival techniques have sharpened as each weary day passed by. He’s begun to catch countless fish, including dorados and his techniques for securing freshwater were resourceful. One day, Pi discerned his eating habits were just like those of Richard Parker. Their relationship had grown vastly from being afraid and frightened of Richard Parker to loving and caring for him. Eventually, both Pi and Richard Parker go blind. a couple days later, a blind castaway appeared on a lifeboat and Pi realized he wanted to eat him. Before that castaway got a chance to eat Pi, Richard Parker killed him. Pi and Richard Parker’s vision came back and found themselves on an algae island. Pi tried to go exploring with the little strength he had left and ended up replenishing himself.…show more content…
While exploring, Pi perceived the island was carnivorous and he and Richard Parker fled immediately back to the lifeboat and off onto the seas. Pi was astonished that he had survived for over one hundred days at sea, but he felt somber at any more chances of continuance. As feeble as Pi was, they both had survived, for they reached the islands of Mexico. The next thing Pi realized, Richard Parker lept off the lifeboat and set off into the jungle without any form of saying goodbye to Pi. With regards to this quote, Pi was devastated that Richard Parker or himself didn’t have a proper farewell. Even though Pi was distraught at Richard Parker’s takeoff, Pi put survival and the inclination to live first in his mind and accomplished the prolonged, fatiguing
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