How Did Richard Wagner Influence Today

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“Joy is not in things; it is in us.” This quote summarizes the fulfilling life and controversial legacy of Richard Wagner. He was one of the most exciting composers of his time. He was extremely confident in himself which allowed him to write some controversial works later in his life. Unlike many composers, he had no major interest in music until he was almost 16 years old. He should be studied in all music classes because of his complex and amazing operas, and his new way of composing music. Over 100 years after his death, Richard Wagner still influences today’s music because of his unique ideas concerning harmonies and operatic structures. Wagner did not have the musical childhood that most composers had. He was born in Leipzig, Germany, on May 22, 1813. We are not quite sure who his real father is; his mother remarried a year after he was born. Richard went to school in Dresden, Germany. He did not excel in music at all; his teacher actually said that he was quite awful. But this never stopped Wagner. He was ambitious and wrote his first drama at the age of 11. He was working on musical compositions when he turned 16. Some people thought he was conceited and narcissistic; his friends knew he was simply confident in himself and his abilities. After he finished high school, Wagner entered the adult world of busyness and work. In 1831, he…show more content…
Some of his most famous operas are Ring Cycle, Lohengrin, and The Flying Dutchman. He had a brilliant musical mind. He was putting things into music that had never been heard before. He was witty and energetic. But, his political views were debatable, and his opinions of the Jewish religion were just plain wrong. He was a flirt and had multiple affairs during his two marriages. He still has a great influence on today’s music, but these things in his life held him back from being one of the best composers
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