How Did Robber Baron Build Business During The Gilded Age

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The Gilded Age which is the time period 30 years after the civil war, is when the economy went through a period of intense growth. The railroad industry was considered the start of the economic growth during the civil war. Many Businessmen of the period, such as Andrew Carnegie the controller of the steel industry, Jay Gould and Cornelius Vanderbilt, who were successful in the railroad industry, John D. Rockefeller who dominated the oil industry, and J.P Morgan who was very successful in the banking industry, they were often criticized for having monopolies and treating their workers poorly. Many Businessmen practiced the philosophy of Social Darwinism is when only the strong survive based Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection. Robber Baron was an industrialist during the Gilded Age who was powerful and wealthy Businessmen, he became wealthy by treating his workers terribly and other questionable and unethical tactics. Robber Baron became a term to describe Businessmen who did similar things like Baron. In the Gilded Age some businessmen had a vision and invested time and money to let grow with the economy such as Cornelius Vanderbilt, many businessmen donated to gifts to organizations such as schools, churches, and hospitals, businessmen such as Vanderbilt and people who practiced similar ways of entrepreneurship and donated…show more content…
During the Gilded Age many workers were forced to work long hours for little pay while the businessmen make way more in a day than what they would make in a year. Child labor during the Gilded Age was 5% of the workforce and working conditions in factories and mines were terrible. During the Gilded Age anyone became if they tried, also work in factories and mines was a more reliable source of income than work on farmers. Businessmen gave people a more reliable source of income, and that makes them Captains of

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