How Did Rock And Roll Influence Society

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Through Elvis Presley's efforts, he was named one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century because he helped create the Rock and Roll era and was named “king” of Rock and Roll. Rock and Roll influenced society in many different ways through history. It influenced many Americans to act many different ways and Rock and Roll still effects our lives today. Rock and Roll all started in the early 1950s. This new genre of music came from a combination between African American Blues and Gospel. As many African Americans migrated around America, during the Great Migration, the rhythm of their music attracted the young teens, but due to segregation, these songs never got much air time and many middle class White Americans thought the music was tasteless. Due to the lack of air time, many White Americans remade the songs but that caused many people to stop tuning in and listening to that particular station because it just didn’t sound like the same song they enjoyed. Many people set out to find a White American that could capture that African American tune. A memphis producer named Sam Phillips finally found the answer to those problems through Elvis Presley. When a man named Elvis Presley started singing his songs he set in motion the Rock and Roll era. He was seen as a role model for teenage rebels because he crossed the boundary…show more content…
Women started to wear jeans and men began to wear their hair long as a sign of rebellion. Parents were very disapproving of this new style of music and how their teenagers were acting. Parents of these teens referred to the music as Satan’s music because it brought not only the foul lyrics but new dance moves and the influence of drugs and alcohol greatly increased while this music became popular. Parents were concerned that their teens would want to be just like the rockstars on the stage drinking and taking drugs and said that was the devil’s way of tempting their
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