How Did Rock And Roll Influence The Culture Of The 1950's

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Culture is the defining aspect of an entire society. Throughout America's history, each decade has displayed its own unique take on culture, through the arts, fashion, and pastimes. The 1950's were a time of bright colors, household gadgets and many of the shows and movies that are currently deemed 'classic' were originated in this era. Technology and household items Americans use every day were invented and have evolved since the 1950's. The 1950's were the beginning of an innovative time in American culture and included the creation of television, the growing popularity of movies, music and brand new inventions, however, unexpectedly conformity and consumerism resulted as well. The desire to achieve the American Dream was an important ideal…show more content…
That year two musicians who impacted music culture found their spot in the limelight. Chuck Berry and Little Richard’s influence shaped the world of Rock and Roll as America knows it today. Berry was the first inductee of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as he fit the rock and roll image; two times in prison and a bad-boy attitude (Kallen 183). Under Chess Records, Berry’s first song, ‘Maybelline’, reached the top 10 in 1955, making it one of his first hits. His stage presence also created a new standard for artists, including his infamous “duck walk” (Kallen 184). On his ability to play, rock journalist Robert Christgau stated “He taught George Harrison and Keith Richards to play guitar before he met either” (Kallen 184). Richard Penniman, also known as Little Richard, was a wild rocker compared to others of his time and nicknamed himself “The Bronze Liberace” (Kallen 185). As a young man he had to sneak around to listen to the raunchy music that he enjoyed and “…[he] knew there was something that could be louder than that, but [he] didn’t know where to find it. And [he] found it was [himself]. (Kallen quoting Penniman 185)” Soon after he developed his own style and sound he was making hits and sold over half a million singles in
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