How Did Romans Influence Society

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Rome had many of their own lifestyles, cultures, and laws. They later influenced many other societies. These influences included: new building methods, preserving Christianity, and Roman laws. Rome influenced societies with new building methods. These buildings were arches, vaults, domes, and aqueducts. Arches are curved openings that support structures. Vaults are arched structures that work as ceilings or roofs. Domes are big half globe shaped roof. Lastly, aqueducts are structures that look like bridges and they bring fresh water to cities and towns. States like California, Texas, and Massachusetts use these roman building forms. Romans built roads all around Rome. They used roads to transport their superior army specifically. In today’s Europe, there are many highways that still follow the Roman routes. Romans built beautiful Colosseums and Hippodromes. The modern stadiums built now still use the levels of seats so everybody can see the center.…show more content…
Romans made Christianity the official religion of the empire. Then, Germanic kings and queens became Christian. The Byzantine Empire eventually promoted Christianity too. Today, one third of all the people in the whole world follow the Christian religion. Lastly, Romans influenced us with laws and rights. Romans created a law of equal treatment. These principals are like the ones in European countries and in the United States of America. Romans follow a representative government like many nations today. Rome had a senate that made the laws and represented the views of citizens. Now countries use this political structure around the world such as the United States, and the House of Representatives and the Senate. The nation’s citizens vote on their leader just like Rome. As you can see Rome made a huge impact on the world today. Without Rome the world would have been very different. we use an incredible amount of Roman things in todays
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