How Did Rome Influence The Spread Of Christianity

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In 63 B.C, the Roman general Pompey conquered the land of the Israelites and united them with the Roman Empire. During the next three centuries following the birth of Jesus in, the Roman Empire played a significant role in the beginnings and spread of Christianity. Without the structure and existence of this powerful empire, this major religion would not have reached lands outside of Palestine. By being the foreign power that fulfills prophecy, having advanced infrastructure, and by persecuting other Christians, the Roman Empire helped Christianity become a notable religion.
The Hebrew people believed that the Messiah promised by God would be born in a foreign power, challenge it, and be killed by it. This implies that the Romans were the foreign
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The Romans thought that by persecuting the Christians, they would eventually abandon their faith and follow the Roman customs. However, contrary to their intentions, many more people converted as a result of the persecution. The martyrs who died for their faith impressed others because they believed in a cause so strong that they were willing to die for it. By the courage of the Christians, those who were inspired by them came to see the truth and eventually became Christians too. Although they persecuted the Christians, the Romans provided them a reason to stand up for their beliefs.
In conclusion, the Roman Empire played a key role in the spread of Christianity. Rome was the foreign power that fulfilled Hebrew prophesy and their advanced network of infrastructure helped spread the religion. Also, martyrdom and the persecution of the Christians brought about more converts to the religion. As a result of Rome’s impact on Christianity, it is now a major religion with many followers around the world. Without the influence of the Roman Empire, Christianity would have never reached the heights that it is at
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