How Did Romeo And Juliet Crash The Capulet's Party

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Romeo Montague Crashed the Capulet’s Party It was a fine evening at the house of the Capulets, until Tybalt recognized something off. He is quoted as to say “This, by his voice, should be s Montague.” (1.5.53) This meant there was an invader on the list. Foes between foes they were able to be separated from battle because it was such a large gathering. Capulet, the father of young Juliet, and the owner of this house prevented Tybalt to begin his brawl with the Montague, Romeo. Capulet talked to Tybalt and he didn’t attack however, was bitter by the entrance of the Montague. Capulet the proud owner and uncle of Tybalt told him that “Show a fair presence, and put off these frowns,” (1.5.72) It had the meaning that since, this was a party attacking would ruin their reputation. He even threatened Tybalt because it was his house and his rules. Tybalt was aggravated however, he didn’t attack.…show more content…
They were dancing and even kissing until the night grew late and the Montague left with his cousin Benvolio. Romeo entered a domain he shouldn’t have because he was unaware until now that he fell in love with a Capulet. Juliet was also unaware that she fell in love with a Montague. This could mean Romeo entered a new relationship. The pair of star crossed lovers are now coming into realization. This could mean the end of a war between the Montagues and the Capulets. However it could also mean a begging of a new one where bloodshed would take place. This means either it could end a relationship before it has started, or this is something bold over the many generations of war that could bring everyone together. The love of two individuals separated by family could either make or break the bonds of these
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