How Did Romeo And Juliet Kill Her Parents

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There are many characters in Romeo and Juliet, but there must be one character who had a big part of why the play went down the way it did. Juliet’s parents are the biggest reason behind why I think it ended the way it did. I also think another character who was apart of why it ended the way it did was Juliet. There are many reasons behind why I thought it was her and her parents. I think that Juliet’s parents were a big part of it because they wouldn’t let Romeo and Juliet be together and they were going to force her to marry Paris. They didn’t give her the freedom to grow old with the man she loves. Juliet became upset and had decided to take matters into her own hands and talk to Friar so she could be with Romeo. They had threatened to have her kicked out of the…show more content…
Juliet wanted to be with Romeo and she would stop at nothing to get him so she went and talked to Friar Lawrence to get a poison that would make her seem dead so she wouldn’t have to marry Paris. Juliet could have just left and been with Romeo there is no difference between her faking her death and leaving. Juliet could have made better choices, but she was too young and hadn’t known any better.
Juliet and her parents are not the only reasons behind why the story ended the way it did. They had a lot to do with it, Every character in the play had something to do with why the play ended the way it did. There were better ways to handle things. Juliet’s parents could have listened to her and let her be married to Romeo. Juliet could have told her parents or she could have just ran away rather than faking her death. Juliet,” Love give me strength shall help afford. Farewell, dear father.” (Shakespear p454). Nurse,” Mistress! What, Mistress! Juliet Fast, I warrant her, she.” (Shakespear p458).
Lady Capulet,” O me, O me! My child, my only life! Revive look up, or I will die with thee! Help, help! Call help.” (shakespear
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