How Did Romeo And Juliet Make Bad Decisions

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Bad decisions are something all teens make and they are usually reversible, but the decisions Romeo made were irreversible. In William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet , Romeo made bad decisions that affected the whole story.

If Romeo had not went to the party, some of the problems that happened, could have been easily avoided. For example, If Romeo just stayed away from the party, Tybalt would not have gotten angry at Romeo and he would not have wanted to kill him. Another reason is that Romeo and Juliet would not have even met if he didn't go to the party. If they did not meet, they both would not have ended up committing suicide over each other. It could have saved both of them from death. I think he also knew he was not supposed to be there, and he had a bad feeling about it the whole time before he met Juliet. If he would have followed his gut instinct, I think he could have avoided what happened.

If Romeo had not of killed Tybalt, he could have stayed in Verona, and not been banished to mantua. Since He was banished, Juliet was very upset. If he didn't kill him, she would not have to act dead to just see him, and if she would not of did that, Romeo would not have have thought she was dead and he would not have killed himself. Since he did that, Juliet wouldn't
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He could have not been so dramatic and avoided a lot of issues that happened. For example, In the begging of the play, we knew he was very upset because Roselyn did not like him back, which is normal for a teenager. He later then went to a Capulet party and met Juliet. He instantly fell in love with her and got married 3 days later. Now some people might say that he was really madly in love with her, but nobody just falls in love that fast. Love does not just instantly happen in a single night. If he wasn't so dramatic and said he was in live with Juliet, they would not have gotten married and saved themselves from any further
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