How Did Ronald Reagan Affect The Economy

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Governor Reagan had an awkward start but settled into a style of blending conservative rhetoric with more flexible policies. He criticized public programs, denounced student antiwar protest, loved budget cutting, and reduced funding for a few programs (Schaller 21). In 1967 legislature passed a law that lifted most restrictions on abortion, Reagan signed it. He had serious personal misgivings about the abortion reform bill and meet with many people from both sides of the issue before granting his approval. He later regretted signing that bill because abortion became a litmus test among conservatives (Schaller 22). In 1970 Regan easily won reelection. He claimed that he helped “taxpayers” and denounced “tax takers” (Cannon 127). He also made…show more content…
He lost a close race to president Gerald Ford for the Republican nomination. He was not ready to give up yet, so in 1980 he ran again with much more success even though many claimed he was to old (Reagan 334). Reagan wanted less government and more defense. He wanted to rescue the country and restore the hope for a better American Dream. Reagan also viewed the Iran Hostage Crisis as a huge embarrassment to the country and promised the people that this would not happen again (Brands 207). Ronald Reagan beat Carter by landslide, winning 44 states. He entered into his first term with a country that was very depressed and had no confidence. His goal was for America to restore its trust in itself (Cannon 263). He also came to the white house with an agenda. The government was to big. people were getting taxed to much, and Soviets were gaining too much control (Brands 209). In his first one hundred days he wanted nothing more than an economic recovery, later to be called the Reagan Revolution. It was a tax cut, reduction in domestic spending, and a balanced budget (Schaller 33). This was called supply side economics, or Reaganomics. He believed this would stimulate product activity which
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