How Did Ronald Reagan Influence Society

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Ronald Reagan went from a simple shoe store owner to a student athlete and student body president to an actor to a politician and finally ended up as the Fortieth President of the United States. He stepped into the political spotlight in 1964 but before that he worked as an actor for Warner Bros. How exactly did Ronald Reagan shape our country into? He already affected our country as an actor but had a bigger positive influence as president. All of these things are things that Reagan felt passionate about and he held up his duty to our country as president Reagan influenced the country by his strong views in border protection and political views. He also influences us by his diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease, which he promoted awareness about.…show more content…
He influenced society in that time by border protection. The Simpson-Mazzoli bill was a great example of that. Along with Reagan declaring the war against terrorism sent a worldwide message that we were a nation not to be messed with. Reagan also kept one of our most important imports safe and continuously being able to come into the U.S. Border protection was one of the biggest topics that Ronald Reagan shaped society in. Reagan had many views on society and politics. His status as an actor influenced us through the movies and the as the president, he was always in the spotlight and continued to influence us. Reagan's views were one of the biggest ways that he could shape America with. How Reagan dealt with criticism from other parties and the public's eye ext set a great example for how we should act. Taking great care and carefully taking time on how things will affect us and how Reagan views that the government should be. Criticism had always been there for Ronald Reagan before being president, he was in the spotlight as an actor. One point of criticism was after he became president and tensions were high. How he handled it was on of the ways he influenced the American
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