How Did Ronald Reagan Try To Keep America Moving Again

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During a period when America confronted so many domestic troubles and foreign threats, Ronald Reagan promised to get America moving again by his Reaganomics and “old-fashioned” virtues. In 1980, Candidate Reagan was elected president largely because he knew how to occupy American hope and belief. In two terms of presidency, Reagan had some faults, including of increasing annual budget deficits, cutting taxes, dropping antitrust suits, hurting women, poor and minorities, no prevention in drug war, and late actions for AIDS prevention. President George W. Bush and Barack Obama emulated Reagan’s example. First, President Reagan could not decrease the annual budget deficits as his promise in presidential campaign. “The annual federal budget deficit …show more content…

history but it provokes an angry reaction from the American Left. The bill reduced personal income tax rates by 25 percent in three annual increments, cut capital gains and estate taxes, and reduced business taxes.” The illogical point was cutting taxes as the same rate for everyone. While several industries and high income earners received numerous benefits, low income earners still suffered financial burden because of “trickle-down economics.” In fact, federal income tax rates cut significantly for the wealthiest 20 percent of taxpayers. On the other hand, most Americans paid nearly the same total tax bill in 1989 as in 1981. President Reagan’s argument for this act was that high tax rates were a disincentive to …show more content…

In the 1980s, there was a phenomenon in American war on poverty, “feminization of poverty.” It meant that typical Americans living in poverty were a single mother and her young children. Through a case of “welfare queen” who used dozens of aliases to collect a small fortune, the president lost his belief to the poor and undermined efforts to help the poor. The serious action of Reagan was the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981. “Food Stamps, school lunch programs, public housing subsidies, and job training took major hit.” Additionally, under Reaganomics, outcome in American families was over their income, “wives and young mothers joined the work force to make ends meet.” Social context affected to family

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