How Did Rosa Parks Affect The Civil Rights Movement

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Bus seat and civil rights

Rosa Park and her bus seat have made a huge effect on eliminating the segregation in the united state. Park was born on February 4, 1913, Tuskegee Alabama. She became a civil right activist because she refused to change he seat to a white passenger. As a result of that she contributed to ending the racial segregation.

At that time, the bus drivers had the power of a police officer and the public transportation was segregated therefore the white people have the highest priority not only in transportation but also in education. In the education field, Parks childhood gave her an experience on how the racial discrimination was since her school was not adequate enough in supply the student of things such as desks.

On December 1, 1955, in a very normal day Parks boarded the bus for home and she set in the side for the colored passengers. Then when the bus driver notice that so many white passengers were standing, he ordered Parks to give up her seat to white passengers but parks refused
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However, the boycotting decision needs to be supported and organized so they chose Martin Luther king Jr, who was a leader in African American civil right movement, as the leader for their association against segregation. According to the Dr. Martin that Park's attitude gave strong opportunity to make a realistic change. Even though Rosa Parks became a famous figure of the Civil Right Movement, she suffered in the months after her arrest because Rosa and her husband, Raymond Parks, lost their jobs as a result of what she had done. Eventually, they had to move to Detroit in order to start a new life. Fortunately, they succeed and found a similar job in the new city; also she kept on her thought about segregation and she became an active member in the black movement until she
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