Rosa Parks: The American Civil Rights Movement

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One of the major goals of the American Civil Right Movement was to give all people, regardless of race, equal right. In the United States civil Right are supposed to be for all people. Throughout history people have had to fight for their right when other tried to deny them. Rosa Parks changed the course of history. Without Parks, things would not be as they are today. Rosa Parks is related to civil right is that she repeatedly disobeyed bus segregation and refused to give up her seat to a white a man.. She is related to civil rights because she was arrested for taking a stand( She sat in the front row of the Montgomery bus because she was tired of giving up from segregation . Parks had complained for years that segregation was wrong( Parks was also witness to a night ride bus by the KKK. Parks sympathetic plaintiff to a legal challenge of the segregation of the ordinance( Parks also started the Montgomery bus boycott after she was arrested the day before( Parks just wanted to protected herself and her rights ( Parks also became a instant icon and would be an upstanding for the Montgomery Bus segregation(…show more content…
Parks led the black community of Montgomery to boycott the bus system( MSNBC). Parks changed the course of history because she faced the harassment for a result from her protest.(MSNBC). MSNBC). Parks changed the course of history is that she promoted civil right during her lifetime.( MSNBC). Parks changed the course of history by martial dating span from 1866 to 2006 when her grandfather was born.( MSNBC). Parks also changed the course of history is that she simply is tired of everything that was happening and can't hold it anymore ( MSNBC). She was also simply tired of the racism in second class status for African
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