How Did Rosa Parks Influence The World

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The Most Influential Woman of Her Time
“You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.”, Rosa Parks strongly stated. She truly believed in this and followed it to her own success as well as the success in the country. Her childhood impacted her future.(Simple) The bus boycott supplied new actions for the country and Rosa. Her later life improved situations for different people, such as herself. Many rewards and celebrations were given out to her for all the good deeds and for what she has conquered. Rosa L. Parks is one of the most influential people in the U.S history.
On February 4, 1913, Liona and James McCauley had a daughter named Rosa. Her childhood was highlighted with major dropout after dropouts in high school which led to her persistants in her life from the beginning to the end.(Complex) She first dropped out when her grandmother became very ill at age 15. She later went back to school for 10 and 11 grade but then once again she dropped out. At age 19 she married Raymond Parks who influenced her to go back to school for her high school diploma. All of these experiences led her to her to the moment
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She has received the NAACP’s Spingarn Medal along with the Medal of Freedom and the International Institute Hall of Fame award. The Detroit News and Detroit Public schools established the Rosa Parks scholarship Foundation. Rosa and her husband Raymond Parks founded the Institute for self development, which offered guidance for young blacks. Rosa also spoke at the Million Man March in Washington. She also has a library that she opened in the place of her arresting in Montgomery. SHe was later put in the Women’s Forum Hall of Fame. In 1992, Rosa published a book responding to her past and how everything she has done was all worth it, and she would not change anything at
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