How Did Rosa Parks Stood Up Against Segregation

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This paper will mostly be about how Rosa Parks stood up against segregation and she fought for her rights to sit wherever colored people wanted on the busses. There will be some more information other than her standing up against segregation. Rosa Parks has had a rough and a successful life. She has also had a lot happen in her life. Rosa Parks was Born in Tuskegee, Alabama in February 4, 1913. When parks was two years old her parents separated and Parks brother and her lived with their mother on their grandparents farm. Rosa at a young age was taught to read buy her mother and attended segregated, one-room school in Alabama. The rest of Parks education she attended segregated schools, including the city 's industrial school for girls. Parks…show more content…
But even thow it was rough Parks still tried to make a good life for herself. Parks was born in 1913, February 4, in Tuskegee, Alabama. When Parks was a little girl her parents got divorced and Parks and her brother lived with their mom. They moved in with their grandparents on their farm where Parks spent the rest of her childhood. The was a time in Parks childhood where Parks grandfather stood outside of the house with a shotgun as he watched as the Ku Klux Klan members marched down their streets. Parks was taught to read by her mother at a young age. Rosa went to segregated school to learn where their was one-room. The school was in Pine Level, Alabama. The rest of Parks education life was in segregated schools in Montgomery, including the city 's industrial school early in life. Because Parks mom and grandmother were ill Parks had too take care of them. Parks never returned to school to finish her education, instead she got a job at a t shirt company in Montgomery. This paper was telling you information on Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks had many things happen to her in her life. The big things started out bad and then they ended up good. Like with the bus rules they started out with colored in the back and white in the front. But that changed after she refused to give up her seat. Then changes started to happen on the
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