How Did Russel Westbrook Win Basketball

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As the clock buzzed the basketball was in mid air. Russell Westbrook had just released a 36 foot three pointer on the move. The clock buzzed and the ball swished into the net. This shot lead the Oklahoma City Thunder to beat the Denver Nuggets. This shot also made Russell Westbrook break Oscar Robertson triple double record. Russell Westbrook should win MVP of the year award. He has had phenomenal stats this season. He has broken Oscar Robertson triple double record. He has 42 regular season triple doubles in continuing. Russell and Oscar are the only people in NBA history to average a triple double. Also he has broken a record with three 50 point triple doubles. Second he has been good at basketball for many many years. As a senior in high school he averaged 25 points. He got scouted to go to UCLA, which is one of the best colleges to attend to play basketball. He got drafted to the NBA 1st round 4th pick to the Seattle Supersonics. He has been in the NBA for eight years. He has been leading scorer of the NBA twice.…show more content…
He has been to the All Star games six times. He has been voted MVP twice in the All Star games. He has been voted al rookie his rookie year. He has won All NBA second team four times. He has won all NBA, 1st team two times. Some people say James Harden should win MVP because he has the most assists in the league. Russel should win because he has had an outstanding, record breaking season. The MVP award should got to Russell Westbrook this season. Although he has many awards he does not have the MVP award. He has broken a record this season that know one else has broken. Russell has averaged a triple double this season, which only one other person in NBA history has done. Go vote Russell Westbrook for NBA
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