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Entrepreneur Russel Kimeklis has found success in the business world again and again after more than thirty years in business, and Russel says he isn’t done yet. Russel has met exclusively with Damian Gomez to tell his story. At 63 years of age Russel has run several businesses from a small workshop to one of the largest recruiting companies in Queensland. Russel’s Entrepreneurial instincts have brought him success after success for several decades. Russel has been in the ‘game’ since he was eighteen and even at his ripe age Russel isn’t done yet. “In business the most important thing is to believe in the product you’re selling. I won’t invest a cent, unless I really believe in my product,” he says. Russel was born in 1952 in Brisbane. After…show more content…
At the time he had little experience running a business of that size and nature, but he was confident that with a little help he could get where he wanted. “Even today I don’t know everything the board and the accountant just told me to do this this and this and I think everything worked out pretty good,” he says. Of course, things didn’t always go smoothly for Russel especially because he was trying to run a business whilst studying at University. “I promised my father before he died that I would gain a qualification so every day I would wake up and manage the business then I would rush to University and then I’d go to the library, it wasn’t like today where you could find everything on the internet, no, I would have to stay there until 9:30,” he says. After that I would drive a cab so I could actually make a living after that I would go to bed, I would get two hours of sleep and do it all again,” he continues. In any business one of the most difficult parts are the early stages and Russel’s was no different. Eventually Russel sold Manpower. Since then Russel has invested in several other businesses and most recently has entered the

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