How Did Sarah Good Get A Fair Trial

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Have you ever wondered what it's like being wrongfully accused of a dramatic crime? If you have, hearing Sarah Good's story might enlighten you. On March 1, 1692, three women were arrested on accounts of witchcraft in Salem. Around 200 men, women, and children were accused of witchcraft and killed in this horrific time. Sarah Good had a horrible reputation that lead to, in my opinion, a wrongful accusation of witchcraft. Sarah Good was born July 11, 1653 to Elizabeth and John Solart. Her family was well off and when John died by drowning himself, Elizabeth remarried and her new husband was in charge of Sarah's inheritance. As she grew older she never got her inheritance, but instead met Daniel Poole whom she later married. Poole later died in debt in 1686. After Poole, Sarah remarried to William Good whom she had two children with. She had two children, Dorcas and an unnamed newborn. Dorcas was accused and jailed, while the unnamed newborn died shortly after Sarah was hanged. The accusations and rumors of Sarah Good were why she was accused, heres what happened. Being a beggar was very frowned upon, especially since Sarah was labeled “unpleasant”. They rented rooms in other people's homes, and William worked as a laborer in exchange for…show more content…
So what she was a beggar lady and mumbled under her breath. That absolutely did not make her a witch, even though those were some attributes. Just because when she visited somewhere, everyone called her spiteful, did not make her a witch. Although they couldn't see that the main three girls were lying, there was no reason to prosecute her without hard evidence. I think about her in a way for her children. If she wouldn't have gotten accused, her daughter Dorcas, wouldn't have been scarred for the rest of her life. Her newborn baby that died would have probably lived a somewhat nice life, and innocent people wouldn't have lost their
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