How Did Scrooge Change In A Christmas Carol

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What if you could change what happens tomorrow? In A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Scrooge has been haunted by his dead business partner, Marley. His life will be changed forever with the help of three different spirits who take him to his past, present, and future; from his money-loving life to a charitable one. The spirit who helped Scrooge change the most is The Ghost of Christmas Present because he helped Scrooge to to care about others, celebrate Christmas, and learn empathy. First of all, Scrooge starts to care about others. The Ghost of Christmas Present took Scrooge to visit the home of his clerk, Bob Cratchit. Their youngest son, Tiny Tim, has many physical problems, but yet has a big heart. Scrooge marvels at how the Cratchit’s seem to celebrate Christmas despite their lack of money and concerns about Tiny Tim’s health (Dickens 40). In a dramatic change, Scrooge asks if Tiny Tim would live. The spirit says…show more content…
This argument might be valid because this this spirit made him show a plethora of emotions and sob. However, the past this ghost showed can not be changed. Stave 5 shows the change of all the things shown and predicted by the Ghost of Christmas Present. Instead of dying, Tiny Tim will get the best doctors because of Cratchit’s raise. The Cratchit’s would have a big dinner instead of a tiny one, and Scrooge would go to Fred’s party and not be the center of mockery (Dickens 39-40) (Dickens 66-68). Ultimately, the Ghost of Christmas Past did less than the Ghost of Christmas Present to help change Scrooge.
Clearly, the Ghost of Christmas Present had the greatest influence on Scrooge. This ghost taught Scrooge to care about other people, celebrate Christmas, and that your own words can show your true feelings. This does leave me with one question. What if the Ghost of Christmas Present did not
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