How Did Sear Copeland Contribute To Dance

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Misty Copeland served as an eminent person in the role of being the first African American female principal dancer in the American Ballet Theatre. She used perseverance to overcome obstacles such as body type and skin color judgement, and made an impact on society by showing to everyone that if you put your mind to something, you can accomplish anything. She has created the light for people of all ages to chase after what they love to do even if there are barriers between you and your goal. Misty has created inspiration for many people to never give up on their dreams. She stands as a very inspirational person in everyday life, bringing influence to all. She has created two books that are broadening for people that read them. The product of her dancing brings joy and astonished eyes across the room. She is original in the flow of her movements when dancing. It’s almost as if she 's painting an artwork, the stage being her canvas and she’s the paintbrush. She has…show more content…
Misty used to be one of these individuals. If someone sees how she really opened up her wings and soared to her full potential, maybe they’ll find out that what they are doing isn’t up to their full potential and will have the courage to show themselves and others that the ideal is meant to be altered, there really is no perfect image. Individuals such as Misty show society that you can go beyond the limit if you have the image in mind are you are willing to work for it. If everyone had a growth mindset, maybe we, as a whole, will have a more productive future. All many people really need to get them to go above and beyond is a little push. Some inspiration from accomplished people like Misty might just be all that some in a community need to kickstart their journey through triumph. If the community as a whole learns to work in the same way, it will lead to a more beneficial future is surrounded by
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