How Did Shakespeare Affect The Renaissance

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The Renaissance is called “rebirth” because it was the rebirth of ideas. The Renaissance was when the Dark Ages were declined and people started to have ideas. People started to have ideas about agriculture, art, music, and other things. William Shakespeare took an interest in playwriting and drama. Shakespeare helped the rebirth of ideas with his performances. William Shakespeare had ideas about performances and how the audience reacts. William Shakespeare was a poet, play wrighter, and an actor whose many accomplishments impacted the world and reflected the values of the Renaissance.
William Shakespeare had many accomplishments during the Renaissance. He worked on the London theatre world from 1594 to 1608. He wrote a lot of interesting and dramatic plays in his time. One was Julius Caesar, it was a great tragedy performance. Another was Hamlet, it was about Prince named Hamlet. This play was one of his most popular plays. He was depressed because one of his parents died and the other already got married again. Another was Richard The Third, that performance was a tragedy. He also wrote Romeo And Juliet, it was another tragedy and suspenseful performance. He made it in his earlier career and it was also one of his most popular plays. It was about how two people fell in love and their families didn’t like
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He changed the ways that people look at the performance and how people act towards it. William Shakespeare was born in April 1564 and his first performance was Henry The Sixth in the year of 1591. So he was pretty young when he made his first performance. One of his famous quotes that he said was “To be or not to be.” Another one of his quotes that he said was “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” William Shakespeare was a great man and added a great attribute to the
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