How Did Shakespeare Influence Modern Literature?

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The Bard of Literature Modern day literature was shaped by Shakespeare, one of the greatest playwrights of all time. He came from a big family and had a wife and three kids. He wrote plays for the masses instead of the rich and wasn’t afraid to make fun of the rich either. He wrote famous works of literature such as Romeo and Juliet. If the world didn’t have Shakespeare the average man would not have an education. Shakespeare shaped literature by writing for the masses in a way that inspired others to write so anyone can have an education. Shakespeare had an interesting life. He was born on April 23 1564 to John Shakespeare and Mary Arden and died exactly 52 years later. He was John and Mary’s third child out of eight. Not much is…show more content…
A decent amount of the world’s literature are analogs of Shakespeare works, simply recreations. His ideas of how the common man deserves to see plays inspired the education of the middle class. Shakespeare has influenced a change in this world, so that anyone and everyone can have an education, which makes the world much more intelligent. A world without Shakespeare would be a world without intelligence. Most people would be uneducated and there would be so few people who actually did important jobs we take for granted that the world would not have as good of an economy as it does. Without his plays and sonnets, there would be no analogs and lots of less works of literature in general. Shakespeare inspired so much works of literature that wouldn’t exist without him. Without this magnificent author, our world would consequently be without knowledge. Shakespeare is very important to the world of literature. He came from a family where his father served as bailiff, the highest elected official, equivalent to a modern day mayor. He poked fun at the rich by writing for the poor. His works are known today as famous works of literature still to this day. Shakespeare’s unintentionally was a revolutionary who made it so everyone could get an education. Shakespeare made a world where there is education for everyone, making the world smarter, so people could do more great things for this
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