How Did Shakespeare Write Macbeth

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Macbeth cliff notes

Shakespeare wrote great literature and wrote macbeth. He was a wealthy man. He lived in england where he lived from 1564 to 1616 he started writing in his twenties. When he wrote macbeth it was very popular and now is a great tragedy he is know for. It was the most violent play he had ever wrote and also the shortest.

Character analysis
Lady macduff she was macduff's wife and she stayed at the home with his son and the servants. She really did not like macduff that much she said he was a traitor. She was kinda old and had a lot of servants.

Banquo was introduced as a hero and macbeth's friend, he had a son fleance. He was brave and had a lot of honor. He never suspected macbeth would turn on him. …show more content…

In dunsinane macbeth is all high and his people start to leave him. A doctor and a servient start to notice lady macbeth sleepwalking and talking she starts to talk about how her and macbeth killed duncan and they just keep it to themselves.He has his people put his armour on and he stays in it. Macbeth lets most of his people leave then one day lady macbeth kills herself and macbeth is unfazed by it then a guard yells that the saw woods moving and macbeth runs up and looks and yells at the guard but then he turns and looks again and about falls off the tower and yells ring the bell so they do. He runs and goes in his castle and his people all start to leave at once. Then the army's are at the door and they walk in macduff leads them. Some soldiers find macbeth and they fight they die and macbeth says that no man born of a woman can kill him. He walks into the courtyard and finds macduff and they fight and macbeth about kills him but says there is so much blood on his hands he doesn't want to do it anymore. Macduff says after that that he was not born of a woman naturally. Macbeth gets scared and they fight again but macbeth fights scared and gets beat and then macduff beheads him. He gives the crown to

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