How Did Sherlock Holmes Guilty To Kill Dr Roylott

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Although Sherlock Holmes admitted to killing Dr. Roylott, he was not guilty. Dr. Roylott was sitting in the chair where the snake always lands on. Sherlock Holmes did not want to kill Dr. Roylott; however he did want to kill whatever killed Julia Stoner. Dr Roylott had trained the snake to kill, and that is what it essentially did. All of these reasons prove why Sherlock Holmes was not guilty of killing Dr. Grimesby Roylott. Since Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were at the Stoke Moran Manor to find out what had killed Julia Stoner the day before her wedding. When the snake had jumped onto Dr. Roylott, it killed him. Even though Sherlock had made the snake do this act of terror by lighting a match, therefore startling the snake, Sherlock did not want neither the snake nor Dr. Roylott to die. Sherlock Holmes was not known as a killer; he thought of himself that way when this occurred. When Sherlock Holmes startled the snake it jumped down through the ventilator and killed Dr. Roylott, therefore the snake is responsible for killing Dr. Roylott.…show more content…
Roylott trained the snake to kill, which is exactly what it did. He trained it to kill the stoner sisters before their wedding, but it killed Dr. Roylott instead. It was his own fault for training the snake to kill people. It was not Sherlock Holmes’ fault that Dr. Roylott trained the snake to kill people. The Swamp Adder was told to kill when it went through the ventilator. It had been startled by the match, so because of its instinct to kill, it killed the closest thing which was Dr. Roylott. If Dr. Roylott knew that the snake was going to return to the same chair every time he came back through the ventilator, why would he be sitting in that
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