How Did Shoshoni Indians Contribute To American Settlers

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The Franklin people also made temporary preparations for the soldiers returning from the battle by arranging warm places for them to sleep. Several of them even placed straw and beds on the school/meeting house floor. Later on, sleighs and teams belonging to the settlers would help carry the soldiers back to Camp Douglas. In addition to aiding Connor’s troops, the Franklin settlers also were able to send reports of the battle back to Brigham Young in Salt Lake City, as well as Ezra T. Benson and Peter Maughan in Wellsville. However, during the following summer of 1863, in retribution for believing that the Franklin settlers had aided Colonel Connor several Shoshoni Indians attacked settlers William Howell and Andrew Morrison. William Howell was able to escape but Andrew Morrison received two arrow wounds, causing the arrowheads to remain near his heart for the rest of his life. As a…show more content…
In 1864, after being given whiskey by two Franklin settlers one young Indian from Chief Washakie’s tribe tried to run over Franklin settler Mary Ann Alder with his horse. During the event, one other settler shot the Indian and had to leave in order to alert the Minutemen in Cache Valley. In order to pacify the Indians several Franklin settlers, including Bishop Lorenzo Hill Hatch, Peter Maughan and Ezra T. Benson of Logan, spent the night at the Indian camp with Chief Washakie discussing what took place. As payment the settlers who had sold the Indians the whiskey were to give flour, cheese, other food items, and two yokes of oxen to the Indians. Overall these events and the treaty, not only enabled the Franklin settlement to expand, but it also enabled other settlements to expand outside of their fort boundaries, encouraged more settlers to the area ,and promoted the use of local natural resources and the expansion of new industries for the
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