How Did Simon Bolivar Changed South America

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Simon Bolivar changed South America. He freed many countries in South America, while keeping his goals entirely intact. He took a stand against a tyrannical leader, to defeat a corrupt government, to gain freedom, and liberty. When Simon Bolivar was a young man he traveled to Europe, to visit the ruler of Spain, Napoleon. Napoleon was a French military leader who had crowned himself emperor, and quickly rose to power.
While in Europe, Bolivar and Napoleon discussed their goals and ambitions. Napoleon expressed that he wanted to run a country that devoted itself to the highest ideals of liberty; equality, and fraternity. (Jacobs Williams p.18) Napoleon quickly realized that if he were to abandon his morals, he could conquer much more land and gain more power. As a result of Napoleon withdrawing his morals, Bolivar was concerned and so he returned to Europe to see for himself what damage had been done in Spain.
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For example Bolivar led many violent attacks on other countries, for a selfish outcome of independence for his home country. However he did gain freedom and equality for many countries and the country's people.
The people of Venezuela named him a traitor and a foreigner in their country. Bolivar didn’t let these remarks affect him, from continuing to fight for the right for independence. Simon Bolivar fought for 15 years for independence, he never gave up.
Simon Bolivar took a stand against a tyrannical leader to fight for freedom, gain independence,and liberty. He stood up to a corrupt government that was under the power of french leader Napoleon. Simon Bolivar’s stand for freedom was one of the greatest of all time, Bolivar led many battles, many failed but those that succeeded changed the way of life in South America. Simon Bolivar saved and freed six South American countries, from the Spanish
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