How Did Sir Walter Raleigh Become A Colony

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Sir Walter Raleigh was an English explorer who became a favorite of Queen Elizabeth after he severed in her army. He was the half-brother of Sir Humphrey Gilbert who went lost at sea in the efforts of trying to cross the North Atlantic in an attempt to colonize the North America. Sir Walter Raleigh was knighted in 1584 and sought to establish a colony. Between 1585 and 1589, he helped establish a colony near Roanoke Island, which is on the coast of what is now North Carolina, and he named the colony Virginia. He chose these name in honor of the virgin queen, Elizabeth. When a second voyage was sent in 1590, they found no trace of the colony Sir Raleigh established and the settlement is known as the “Lost Colony of Roanoke Island.” During his voyage of seeking a new colony, Sir Raleigh committed some aggressive acts towards the Spanish and King James 1 did not like this one bit. He was eventually charged with treason and sentenced to death, but his sentenced changed to imprisonment in the Tower. When he was released, he went behind the King’s back and invaded a Spanish territory. In result he had to return to England and was soon executed at Westminster.…show more content…
Silence in love bewrays more woe Than words, though ne 'er so witty : A beggar that is dumb, you know, May challenge double pity. Then wrong not, dearest to my heart, My true, though secret passion ; He smarteth most that hides his smart, And sues for no compassion. Sir Walter Raleigh was also known to be a lover of Queen Elizabeth I of England. Queen Elizabeth constantly criticized Sir Walter Raleigh for never showing her any love and affection so Raleigh wrote “The Silent Lover” in attempt to show the queen that he did indeed love her. His concept of the poem was to show the difference between true love and false love. He indicates his love for the Queen is true while others’ are
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