How Did Sitting Bull Influence America

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Sitting Bull’s Influence on America During the 1800s Sitting Bull was a great Influence on America. Sitting Bull fought the government and tried to protect his land. Sitting Bull also encouraged his people to live off of the reservations because of the mistreatment that was inflected upon them which changed the way we treat the tribes today. Sitting Bull helped preserve the old ways of life of his people. Sitting Bull was considered a great leader and helped shape the way we treat Indians today. Throughout the 1800s the U.S. Government fought against many Indian tribes because of the rich land that promised gold. Sitting Bull and many others “set aside their differences in the face of intolerable abuse by the U.S. Government” ( Sitting Bull fought in wars and united with other tribes to protect his land. Since Sitting Bull worked to preserve his land he allied with the other tribes to fight against the government. The wars resulted in reservations that are still currently active today.…show more content…
The people on the reservations were “anemic on very few rations” ( During the 1800s the tribes had been abused by being forced onto reservations with little food and water. Sitting Bull did not go to the reservation because he believed that this was unjust. Sitting Bull encouraged his people and many others to leave the reservation and live traditionally. Therefore Sitting Bull was a great leader when the government show exploitation to not only his people but Indian tribes overall which effected the way the government treats the tribes
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