How Did Slavery Affect Society

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Slavery existed a long time before it came to the colonies. Americans used slaves for plantation and their agricultural enterprise. By bringing slaves this allowed a big amount of workers to be controlled by one owner. It wasn’t until later slavery became a black thing. The first Africans Slaves came to America as indentured Servants they would work for their freedom. Later colonist began to realize slaves were not claimed under the protection of English laws. So their services could not expire. Their children would also be slaves and their skin color would set them apart. Slaves had not been recognized as a race thing it started with religion. Africans became known as aliens. They were a different color. They had a different religion and social practice so they were able to be enslaved like poor Englishmen couldn’t. They also…show more content…
In 1162, A Virginia law allowed for children who were a descendent of a free and slave would take the status of the mother. This brought a rise in sexual abuse of slave women because any child produce would be profit. The Virginia House of Burgesses in 1667 stated that slaves wouldn’t be based off religion s you could enslave someone of the same religion. By 1680 the word Negro and slave became on e and slavery became a race thing so anyone of African descendents were black. The shipping of slaves from Africa to the New World became a huge international business. The mass import of slave into the colonies began after the Indian population was killed by disease and the indentured slaves didn’t want to do the hard work of sugar cane. Slavery didn’t grow as fast in North America as it did in Brazil and the West Indies. Slavery began to grew in the early 1700’s when the House of Burgesses pass a new slave code. Slaves became property. They could be sold, brought, leased, fought over in court, and passed to descendents. Virginia was no longer a “society with slaves” but a “slave
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