Slavery In American History

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During the nineteenth century America was a place where a lot of reforms where happening, one of the most important reforms for me that took place was slavery. It lasted for more than two centuries and it had a huge effect on the development of America and making it the country it is today. Slavery had a huge impact on the development of America. Slavery had began in North America when in 1619 the first slaves where brought from Africa to the colony of Virginia, Jamestown. They were brought to North America to help with crops such as tobacco. The first colony to legalize slavery was Massachusetts in 1641 and not long after Massachusetts other colonies would also legalize slavery. Then Africans had been stripped away from all of their human…show more content…
Turner along with his band of about 70 slaves where going from one house to another killing every family. They would use knifes and clubs as weapons to kill around 50 whites. A militia force had to intervene to stop the revolt. Later all the slaves along with Nat Turner would get executed. Sadly the rebellion had caused even tighter laws on slavery and many states had even banned people from teaching blacks how to read and wright because they saw that the key factor in this revolt was the intelligence of Turner. Harriet Tubman was a woman who had escaped slavery and would help hundreds of enslaved Africans run away. She had escaped in 1849, and would become one of the most famous and celebrated people from the Underground Railroad. She had came back 15 times and during this she had helped in the escaping of hundreds of fugitive slaves. Fredrick Douglass was an enslaved African American who escaped slavery and became a leader of the abolition movement. Douglass wrote two novels which would become bestsellers and this would really help in the abolition movement. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln became the first republican to win an election. During the civil war which took place in 1863, Abraham Lincoln was against slavery in America and he said that after January 1st all slaves that where on rebel territory shall be free people. Then in 1865 slavery had not existed anymore. After two centuries slavery was abolished in 1865, when the 13th amendment to the united states constitution had ruled out slavery. All black people where no longer
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