How Did Slavery Influence American Culture

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The introduction of slavery to the New World was an important aspect that shaped and influenced American culture to what it is today. The introduction of slaves set up the scene for white superiority and domination amongst American society. Slavery started in 1619, when Africans were brought from Africa over to the New World, through a transport system called the “Middle Passage”, to serve as free labor for tobacco production. African slaves became essential to tobacco production and the economy, as the Native Americans that were previously used as slaves, died off from smallpox and other European diseases. With no other option for free laborers, they looked to Africans. The Middle Passage was one of the three routes of the Triangular Trade, that transported and traded goods to the New World and the mother…show more content…
In the eyes of the law, slaves were considered property, rather than a person. The 3/5ths compromise of 1787 made this evident when Congress announced that slaves would only count as 3/5ths of a person. As slaves were property, they couldn’t earn their own living, vote, or go wherever they wanted. A few slaves tried to escape their bondage and run away. There were a few unsuccessful revolts, which usually was punishable by torture or death. The Fugitive Slave Act made it very difficult for slaves to escape, as those that made it safely to free territory could be recaptured and sold into slavery once again. Whites and Slave Owners painted slaves and Africans as wild and animalistic creatures that needed to be tamed. This emphasized white man’s burden and superiority that is still evident even today’s modern society. White man’s burden was the idea that whites adopted, where they believed they needed to “civilize” those they colonized. The dehumanizing and cruel treatment of slaves was just the beginning of white superiority in the New
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