How Did Socrates Corrupt Youth

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Socrates was put on trial for his intentions that were good. Society thought them out to be bad, but all socrates was trying to do was to improve society as whole. To improve society socrates would question citizens of Athens and make them think about their reality. During Socrates trial they accused him of corrupting the youth. Socrates would never willingly corrupt the youth because he saw the youth as the future. Socrates saw corrupting the youth as a way of self harm. If the youth were brought up to be nasty and destructive because of Socrates then all of Athens would fall due to his actions. Would Socrates willingly destroy Athens? Absolutely not, Socrates loved Athens and everything about it, he would rather die than to have live somewhere else other than Athens. Socrates wanted to improve the youth, by questions their ethics and morals, it made people reflect on themselves and thus improve them for the better. People viewed this as corruption because they didn’t understand what corruption actually was. If socrates wanted to corrupt the youth he could have very easily, Socrates was viewed as an Athenian celebrity so his words had weight. That being said if he told the youth that torching things and burning them to the ground was what god wanted the kids would question that think over it. That would be corrupting the…show more content…
He counter argues Meletus on everything and made it seem like Meletus was coming up with lies. He disputed and discredited Meletus on every accusation that was put against him. Socrates's cause was worthy because it was always about improving people. If someone tried to improve you, you wouldn't like it either and probably would be offended just like the people of socrates’s time, but if it actually worked wouldn’t you want to take that person up on their offer of improvement? Of course you would, people didn’t like his work but what he was doing was a worth cause due to him trying to improve
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