How Did Socrates Influence Western Civilization

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The Western civilization ,we know today constantly question the accepted theories of the past, and create the new theories of the future.However, without the ancient Greeks, our prosperous culture probably wouldn't be as successful as it is now.Our keen ancestors are the ones who are responsible for our building construction,form of government,and even classroom curriculum.
The questioning method of ancient Greece created by Socrates is definitely a popular method used in the western world. Socrates was a philosopher who continually questioned the ancient Greek world.During his time a majority of people believed in false presumptions made from ”the gods”Eventually in 399 B.C. Socrates was sentenced to death for “going against the gods”.”The
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The columns are peripteral.Currently the US Treasury building in Washington D.C has the same ionic column as the Parthenon from 100’s of years ago.The Parthenon is a historical land mark that inspires architectures to this day.Another example of an influential landmark is a marble sculpture of an ancient Greek discus thrower.Back in Greece there were the Olympic games.The Olympic games were part of a religious festival in honoring Zeus.At the time only Greek men could participate.In document 8, the statue shows a man about to throw a discus.This statue portrays how much the Greeks valued athletics.The Olympic games are still a huge part of our culture with it is occurring once every four years in August.Both the Olympic games and the Parthenon are apart of our society.
The western civilization after all, isn’t much different from ancient Greece. Much to our modern world imitates ancient Greece in

Page 4 education,architecture,type of government,and even sports. The western civilization is only a more advanced version of ancient
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