How Did Sojourner Truth Play In The Anti-Slavery Movement?

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During the 1800’s, those who saw social prejudice or corruption started many reform movements to correct the difficulties in America. The Second Great Awakening really helped shape the United States into a religious nation and paved the way through the reform movements, while stressing individual choice that caused an uprising in denominations leading to followers by the masses. Antislavery abolitionism became a movement mostly because of influence from the religious revival that was taking place, and demonstrating to all of those religious that slavery is a sin. Reformists of the antislavery movement transformed their thoughts forward of equality to all people, no matter their race. Although many whites worked hard for the emancipation of slavery, most did not see the bigger movement of equality causing many blacks, including Sojourner Truth, to present their stories to the American people that ultimately offered the strongest arguments. With the growing anti-slavery movement, differences over both approach and ethics ultimately put a wedge between the North and South,…show more content…
During her speeches, she touched on something that was very controversial at that point; a woman’s massive role in the reform causes. Since women were seen as the moral center of the home, they imposed themselves in society as the moral integrity of the nation, thus finding work in the reform movements. The role that women played in the temperance movement caused light to be shed and the realization that female voters would be of more power on the war against alcohol. Even though women’s right to vote did not happen until the 1900’s, they did receive many legal advantages and proved their power from a religious and political state which gave women a new sense of pride and worth within the
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