How Did Spain Colonize America?

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Spain Spain wanted to colonize America so they could build their empire, create additional trading ports and routes, to expand their military control, and to convert the native people to their religious beliefs. Spain explored america to look for gold. Spain also wanted adventure. Since Spain followed the mercantilism economic method, it damaged local industry, restricted trade, prohibited manufacturing and slowed down town growth in order to create economic environment. This is why Spain was had a huge advantage. Spanish settlers were given title to American land and ownership of villages on that land, which was called the encomienda system. In order to convert the Indians to Christianity, the spanish were allowed to use land and labor as they saw fit. The system turned into slavery. Indians performed backbreaking labor in plantations and in mines for low-wages. European nation of eternal salvation was a race to control people more than of land, abuses were so wide spread that it became the norm.…show more content…
Or did they? Although the explorers found no passage, they did begin to map the coast of north America, and, perhaps more important, they learned how to navigate northern waters. With this latter achievement, they began the process of transforming the Atlantic from a barrier separating England from the New World to a bridge linking the Mother Country to her colonies. Glyn Williams termed "voyages of
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