How Did Spain Fight In Spanish

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Spain once was a great world power but like always every good thing has to come to an end. To this day they still remember the great times they once had with Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. Even though it may have seemed great, some of the residents in cuba wanted freedom instead of dictatorship. As Spain was putting out their monstrous newspapers with all of the new exciting atrocities even if made up the people would gobble up the stories. The stories scared the americans and basically made them scream for war against spain. While the Spanish, Cuban and american diplomats had meetings trying to solve this peacefully, Maine was sailing into the harbor at Havana, Cuba. Maine was a U.S. battle ship. The ship had exploded and killed a bunch of americans which then blew up the U.S. with fiery. People mocked the president until he organized and attack.…show more content…
attack very brutally to the Cubans. Theodore Roosevelt was the one who charged through the bullets and conquered San Juan Hill and Kettle Hill. Although the war lasted 113, but it brought the northerners and the southerners of the U.S. closer after of what had happen in the civil war. Later on in the Pacific, Admiral Dewey sailed into Manila harbor and destroyed a Spanish fleet. The Philippines and Guam soon became American territory. Then businessmen in Hawaii ask to annex Hawaii, but some Filipinos and native Hawaii didn’t want that to happen. So the U.S. did of what some called “unrighteous” and “unjust” and had war with the Filipinos. It took 75,000 U.S. soldiers to conquer the Filipinos. After the war Theodore Roosevelt came back to New York and became the Vice President. He was along side with President McKinley, but McKinley was soon assassinated. Once as Theodore heard the news, he was elected President of the U.S. That was day he believe to be called a good omen since it was his father’s birthday
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