How Did Spain Influence American Colonization

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America’s colonization by the Europeans happened in the Age of Exploration, where Europe travelled the world in search of raw materials, land, and trade parties. North America was first discovered by Spain. The Spanish monarchs gave approval to Christopher Columbus to find new and faster route for the Asian Indies. Columbus ran into North American and was convinced he had bumped into the Indies and so he names the natives Indians, he soon learned otherwise. Spain realized the riches of the new world such as gold, silver, and the natives who could be used for slaves. They became the leading export out of the Americas in the 1500s. The treaty of Tordesillas divided the north and south between the Spanish and Portuguese but by the 1600s other Europeans nations disputed these term.…show more content…
Spanish colonies in North America were mostly in Mexico, along the California border and into Peru, they also had Florida, and the Louisiana Territory. Britain then envied the Spanish and wanted a piece of the Americas, they took a piece of the land called Newfoundland, but England’s colonization didn’t begin till
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