How Did Spain Start An American Settlement Of Texas

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Throughout the sixteen and seventeen hundreds Spain had a difficult time getting Spanish settlers to move to Texas. Native Americans who were already settled in Texas were attacking settlers and running them out. After treaties were signed and deals were made with the Native Americans Spanish settlers known as Tejanos slowly began to call Texas home. In 1821 Mexico had gained its Independence from Spain and now controlled Texas. Fearing of attacks from Native Americans they decided to open up Texas to all immigrants. Moses Austin was amongst those immigrants and was given permission by the Spanish Government to start a colony, he then died. Stephen Austin ,Moses son wanted to continue his father's legacy. In Jan., 1822, he planted the first legal settlement of Anglo-Americans in Texas. He later went to Mexico City to have his grant cleared and confirmed by the newly independent Mexican government (Stephen Fuller Austin).He was granted permission under the conditions that all settlers must learn Spanish and use it as their primary language, become Mexican citizens, and convert to Catholicism. Austin's settlements, with the towns of San Felipe de Austin and Brazoria, prospered. Other American colonists poured in (Stephen Fuller Austin).…show more content…
Mexican authorities became concerned that the population of American settlers were rising at a fast rate. President Anastasio Bustamante implemented laws which banned further immigration to Texas from the United States, increased taxes, and outlawed slavery. These laws however did not stop Americans, they were still bringing over slaves, refused to learn Spanish and convert to Catholicism and continued to settle in Texas illegally. The Americans were rebelling and did not want to follow the Mexican
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