Athens Vs Sparta Research Paper

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During the Archaic age of Greece, Athens and Sparta were the two most powerful city states. This period was the golden age of Greece, as it experienced expansive amounts of wealth and power. Athens and Sparta were deemed opposites, Athens being the “good guys” and Sparta being the “bad guys”. However, this idea is incorrect. Athens established the Delian League with their “allies” in order to “fight against the Persians” but this alliance was just a pawn in the Athenian chess game. After the Persian War, Athens established an Empire within the Delian League. On the other hand, Sparta were conservative. Sparta established the Peloponnesian League, which was not converted into an empire. Another assumption about Sparta and Athens was that they were natural born enemies. These two superpowers were rivals, as they competed for power but they also fought alongside each other. An interesting…show more content…
Athens and Sparta are better in different aspects. For example, Sparta discouraged superfluous arts, but Athens appreciated them. This aspect is evident by the Athenian ruins, and that Sparta has no remnants of their history besides the tombs of their generals. This aspect concludes that Athens had more to lose during the Peloponnesian War. Athens had an empire, they stood up for values, they were the school of Greece, while Sparta were clinching onto their dear iron bars. This allowed for Sparta to forget about their state, and go on the offensive. Another example that ties this conflict together is the aspect that Athens a democracy could elect such ignorant leaders who only care about their own glory. Overall, Athens, a democracy, would last longer, as evident by their ruins, and Sparta, an oligarchy, would not last long because as always, an oligarchy will always
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