How Did Stalin Build The Berlin Airlift

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Berlin air lift 1948 After world war II, Germany was dived into for parts. Those four pats were divided among Great Britain, the United States, France, and the Soviet Union each governing their own part. As hatred began to grow between the Soviet Union and the West, Stalin decided to create a separate communist state that included Berlin. To maintain that, Stalin surrounded the western half of Berlin and that caused the Berlin airlift, created by Truman. In 1949, Stalin had removed the blockade. However, Germany remained divided into two separate nations. The Berlin airlift was the turning point of the Cold War, because of t the Soviet Union 's attempt to cut off access to West Berlin. After the World War II, the relationship between the Soviet…show more content…
Harry Truman thought that giving up on berlin would lead to the loss of all Germany under the control of the Soviets. Western Germany was thinking of responding to the blockade, but due to the lack of manpower, they didn’t. The U.S. agreed with their allies to supply western Berlin through air hallways. Supplies were sent every day. 1948 became very tense as Soviet planes went over the U.S. planes that were over East Germany, The Soviets didn’t try to shoot down any of the Western, because such it might lead to war. In 1949, the Soviets reopened the borders in order to meet with the Council of Foreign Ministers, to try to have some influence on the Western Allies ' plans for the future of Germany. Even though the Soviets lifted the blockade in May, the airlift did not end until September 30 because the allies wanted to build good amounts in West Berlin in case the Soviets blockaded it again. The blockade brought greater tension into the Cold War. It didn’t prevent an independent West Germany, but rather it fastened Allied plans to set up the state. It also led to the creation of the North Atlantic Treaty
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