How Did Stanislavsky Contribute To The Play

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Stanislavsky was born into a family with a lot of money and a high social status so therefor he was limited in what he could do as a job due to embarrassment on his family that why Stanislavsky kept quiet about his acting career as it could be seen as embarrassing. Eventually in 1912 Stanislavsky decided to open his own studio in order to help actors train. After a while he decided to stop and become a director and perform as well but he wasn 't a professional at this point, he became a professional while opening the Moscow Art Theatre in 1897. After the production seagull 's Stanislavsky was very critical about so therefore became the official director for Chekhov and because of the way he directed the plays he got himself known as a realistic director and for his performance in woe from wit he also got know for being as a gifted idea with a great amount of skill.…show more content…
Stanislavsky didn 't want to just be an actor he wanted to be able to take his ideas and expand on then and to do this he researched and took on various new ideas and theories in order to expand his own knowledge of drama and acting. As he banned Danchenko from the rehearsals from the Moscow Art Theatre Stanislavsky tried to bring in his own ideas and theories that he learnt into the company and but wasn 't really getting anywhere so if this carried he threatened the company that he would leave. As this didn 't work Stanislavsky decided to get his own theatre company so that he could find actors that would take on board his ideas. So even when Stanislavsky 's ideas wasn 't accepted he did most of his non-realistic work in his own home and his acting techniques are still used alot to
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