How Did Steve Jobs Change The World

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Steve Jobs: The Guru of the Mobile Technological Age Steve Jobs is solely responsible for the rapid development in the technology world. Many individuals have walked the earth, but very few have had the same substantial impact that Steve Jobs has had. Steve Jobs transformed the way one views technology - “He helped change computers from a geeky hobbyist 's obsession to a necessity of modern life at work and home, and in the process he upended not just personal technology but the cellphone and music industries.” (Isaacson 122). Steve Jobs, the co-founder and former CEO of Apple, inventor of some of the world’s most revolutionary technologies, marketing guru, and one of the most beloved visionaries, passed away on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at age 56 years old, after losing a long battle with pancreatic cancer.…show more content…
Even though there were a lot of potholes and bumps along the way, it was his relentless and hunger for achieving and accomplishing personal goals which fueled his remarkable success. As history shall be written about the businesses, ideas, and creations Jobs left upon the world, his individual philosophy, intelligence, and humbleness created and crafted the man himself. One’s on mindset and perception of reality is a huge element in the successfulness of that individual’s life (Goldberg 5). Even though Steve Jobs had an unusual and not your typical upbringing, the fire with breathe within him energized him thought his life even Shah
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