How Did Stonewall Jackson Contribute To The Civil War

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Stonewall Jackson had a very influential role in the Civil War battle and will be forever remembered. He was a very smart man and did a lot to fight for his home state Virginia. He went off to join the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He had a very difficult childhood and yet he made it to this school and graduated. While he was in the military he had served under General Robert E. Lee. He had a great influence in many of the important battles. While Stonewall was growing up he had a six year old sister that had died when he was two years old. A couple years later his father had died as well which put his family in a really tough financial situation because his mom was in debt already and she had three kids to take care of. His mom remarried…show more content…
This was his dream was to be able to teach young men about the military the best that he could. People said the way that he taught was questionable at times. Although the way that he taught his students back then during the Civil War still uses the basic way that he had set up for teaching.
He was a very strong respectful military leader, but his time needed to end early due to a tragedy that had happened during a battle. Stonewall Jackson was later on in his military career wounded in battle. He had been hit by friendly fire during the Battle of Chancellorsville. This had put an end to his military career on the battlefield, but he was still a teacher during his life at a successful University that is still running today.
Even though the overall battle was lost for the Confederates he was a very good leader along with many others. This was an advantage that the South had over the North during the war was that the South had outstanding military leading generals. Stonewall Jackson had a great impact on the battle and was greatly respected for the work that he had done during his lifetime. Even when people thought that his military career was going to be cut short he still went out and helped at a University to teach and train future generals and prepare them for war. Stonewall Jackson will be forever remembered by the U. S.
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