Gustav Stresemann's Big Influence On The Weimar Republic

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During the time period of 1923 to 1929, Gustav Stresemann had a very big influence over Weimar Republic. He was the chancellor of Weimar Republic for a year and then he took up other important jobs such as Germany’s Foreign Minister. Before Gustav Stresemann came into office Weimar Republic was in a very dire situation consisting of many complicating factors.
The Weimar Republic faced many problems from the moment it was setup mainly due to being associated with the Treaty of Versailles. The Army blamed the government for signing the armistice that led to the Treaty of Versailles, they referred to the government as the ‘November Criminals’ and the famous stab in the back theory which suggested that Germany could have won the World War 1 if the government didn’t sign the armistice. Thus the government
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There was a lot of freedom which is something Germany never really experienced before. Along with the freedom of speech there came many new books, paintings and news papers that had the freedom to criticize. Some believe this was the greatest period in German history for writers and artists to create many new things. Germany also became the centre for plays and operas, the most famous playwright of the time was Bertolt Brecht with his successful “Threepenny Opera”. Germany also had a great advancement in the film industry, with great films such as “Metropolis” which was directed by the best known director Fritz Lang. Erich Remarque who wrote the famous novel “All quiet on the Western Front” dominated the literature field. The publishing companies sold five hundred thousand copies of the novel within three months of its production in 1929. It was not long until Berlin was well known as Paris for its social life as many foreigners went to Berlin to experience its new cultural changes. Some Germans thought it was unpatriotic but it was in fact improvement that contributed to making Germany a modern

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