How Did Susan B Anthony Fight For Women's Rights

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Leading up to the 19th century women beginning to want a new change in the system. Not only just for women’s rights but for equality to be made to everyone. The era of this new decade allowed for so many changes to be made, both good and bad depending on who you asked. Women taught traditions passed down, never being able to branch out on their own were finally able to have new freedoms. These are the women who caused a difference in history and helped fight for right to be equal. Susan B. Antony Susan B Antony is best known for collaborating with Stanton and helping begin many well lead women's organizations. She was born into a large Quaker family that differed than most typical Quakers, her family allowed her and her siblings equally to think to be knowledgeable with business principles and allowed them to have large responsibilities at an early age. After taking care of her father's cotton mill for years, Antony …show more content…

Well, is well known for her writing pieces as a journalist and anti-lynching activist. She worked as a schoolteacher for some time and wrote for the Memphis city newspaper, The Free Speech. Wells exposed truths and lies in her articles and condemned the inequalities and injustices that spoke of the opportunity for African-Americans. Many southerners after reading became angry and a mob pushed her out of the office and threatened to kill her if she ever returned. When she did move up north, she continued to talk about the racist violence in the confederacy, campaigned for federal anti-lynching laws, and spoke on behalf of civil rights including woman suffrage. When the suffrage parade came to distract President Wilson's inaugural celebration, Wells had prepared to join but was stopped when some of the white protesters refused to march beside her. Wells did not care, decided to join the march anyhow, and displayed to the white suffragists that equality did apply to everyone. For years, she continued to write about civil rights until she

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