How Did Susan B Anthony Fight For Women's Rights

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All throughout history women have been the one to be seen as weak and unable to provide or seen as a minor thing compared to men no matter the race or color. The role of the women has always been to stay home in order to cook and clean for the husband for when he came from work, and to provide the husband with children which were used to help out with the labor around the house. Ever since before !972 women have struggled to get their voices heard, women were not allowed to vote or have freedom of speech. The majority of women didn't have the opportunity to get an education. They weren't accepted to work anywhere, unless it was a feminine job for example a seamstress or in a factory. In an article written by Susan Moller Okin she states that “ Because some of women's most basic rights to freedom of movement and to work outside of the home, and to bodily integrity and freedom from violence has been in the international news lately.” this shows that female freedom was a big movement throughout the united states. Throughout history women have been punished for trying to stand out and to fight for their rights.…show more content…
Anthony, a women's right activist, she was also the president of the National American Woman's Suffrage Association, she talked to people all around to support her in the moment of women's rights and she boldly decided to vote illegally, which she was then after arrested and fined one hundred
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