How Did Susan B Anthony Get The Right To Vote

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Susan B. Anthony Susan B. Anthony was a suffragist who fought for the right to vote for women. Anthony had several reasons for why a woman should not be deny the right to vote. Some of them being that women are also humans and as humans the constitution secures their rights and those rights could not be taken away. First, when they denied women’s right to vote it implied that they were not humans like every other man. The constitution says that all citizens of the United States are secured with the rights of liberty. A citizen is defined as an inhabitant of a particular region, and Every legal citizen of the United States deserves the right to hold office and vote (Anthony 19). Therefore, as women are also citizens they also have the right to hold office and vote. It was their natural right to vote and this was secured to them the moment the constitution was written. Second, the constitution also guarantees women’s right. Taking away the right to vote was taking away a part of the freedom for which the nation once fought and the constitution was signed. She states that the right to vote was guaranteed to her and “all United…show more content…
The rights that all citizens have were ensured by the constitution and therefore they cannot be denied by a law pass by the state. Anthony assured that a law that takes away women’s rights to vote because of their gender is a “violation to the supreme law of the land” (19). If their rights were to be revoke half of the country would become superior to the other causing the rights of liberty and equality to disappear. Denying the rights of a woman based on her gender makes the country less of a democracy and more of an aristocracy (Anthony 19). The country was built upon equality for all but if women were not included than equality would never be
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